Production Tracking Software

Facilitating data-driven decision making on manufacturing floors


Real-time Production Visibility for Efficiency

The Production Tracking Module provides real-time visibility into the manufacturing process, enabling organizations to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Meet Goals

You’ll have a comprehensive and real-time view of your production processes, allowing you to quickly identify any issues or barriers that prevent you from meeting your production goals.

Digital Kanban

Production tracking has become a standard visual management solution for factory floors, particularly lean shop floors. Visualization dashboards help supervisors keep track of production information such as planned production, actual production, and the gap between those numbers. Our highly customizable web applications allow you to tailor them to your business needs.

Monitor, Identify, Act!

Supervisors can monitor line and operator performance, identify bottlenecks, and take action to prevent disruptions in your production process. In addition, by using colour-coding on the dashboard, managers can immediately visualize the day’s progress and take corrective actions as needed.

Collaboration for Faster and Better Results

Modern assembly line methods evolve and improve constantly, resulting in increased factory productivity and efficiency. These advancements are primarily focused on manufacturing processes and lead to higher production throughput, which refers to the output rate in a specific period.

For instance, technology that exponentially improves productivity and collaboration results in faster and better results. With its wide range of tools, Liniax can work with you in designing the ultimate assembly line methods, surpassing traditional methods in capability and efficiency.

From time tracking to accounting, we help streamline productivity, so projects of all scopes and scales are completed in less time. To manage projects and teams at their highest capacity, Liniax is your perfect guide!

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