Hardware Integration

Licensing and Certification

Industrial Training

Liniax specializes in employee training management for organizations in industries where complex equipment and technology are involved. Hardware integration and licenses to operate are two critical components of employee training management, and we’re here to help you manage them effectively.

We certify a long list of industrial applications using hardware components, such as computers, servers, printers, and other electronic devices, to work together seamlessly as part of a more extensive system. Our team of experienced IT professionals integrates and optimizes hardware components optimized for efficient performance.

License to Operate

In addition, we also provide licenses to operate so your employees are appropriately trained and certified on the safety and use of specific equipment and machinery. Licenses are essential industries such as manufacturing, construction, or healthcare. Our team will help you manage licenses to operate to keep employees up-to-date, minimizing the risk of accidents or other safety incidents.

With Liniax, you’ll streamline your employee training management processes. As a result, your employees will be well-equipped and prepared to do their jobs effectively and safely.

We’re committed to delivering high-quality services and providing the support you need to achieve your business objectives. With our help, you can ensure that your employees are properly trained, certified, and equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

To learn more about our employee training management services, including hardware integration, licenses to operate management, and other IT management services, contact us.

Class Catalogue Software

The class catalogue is an essential component of our employee training software with detailed information about each course, including the course title, description, learning objectives, prerequisites, duration, and any assessments required to complete the course.

We regularly update to reflect the latest industry trends and emerging technologies. We include various courses covering different topics and skill levels, from introductory to advanced courses.
We understand that every employee has unique learning needs and interests, so our class catalogue is designed to be easy to navigate. Our user-friendly interface allows employees to search for courses based on specific criteria such as course level, skill category, duration, and availability. The catalogue may also include filters to refine the search results and enable employees to find the courses most relevant to their needs.

Overall, our class catalogue is an essential tool for managing employee development and ensuring that employees have access to the courses they need to enhance their skills and advance their careers within the organization.

Contact us today to learn more about our employee training software and how it can help you achieve your business objectives.


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