Asset Management

Thorough Oversight


Liniax provides comprehensive asset management services to businesses of all sizes. We understand that managing IT assets can be challenging and time-consuming, and that’s where we come in.

Catalogue of Assets

We create an asset catalogue, a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of all your IT assets, including hardware, software, licenses, and peripherals. With this information, we can help you keep track of your assets, their location, and their status. We then use the data to help you plan and budget for future technology needs.

Maintenance Tracker

Our Maintenance Tracker is another crucial component of our asset management services. It enables us to track and manage your IT assets’ maintenance and repair needs, helping to prevent downtime and ensure that your assets are operating at their optimal level. Proactive maintenance and early detection help catch potential issues before they become more significant and costly.

Decreased Cost Increased Efficiency

We make reducing costs and improving efficiency a priority. By tracking your IT assets’ usage and maintenance needs, we can help you optimize their usage, prevent downtime, and reduce the risk of data loss.

At Liniax, we dedicate ourselves to providing comprehensive and effective services to help you manage your IT assets better.

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